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If you run any type of industrial machinery, the day will come when you need replacement parts. This might be a good time to upgrade your system. When you do so, consider using worm gears, which in many cases can offer cost-effective solutions for improving your output rate and overall operational efficiency. Read more about worm gear applications to see how you can improve your designs in whatever industry you may be in.

Worm Gear Benefits

Worm gears got their unique name because, in some ways, they resemble worms! This type of gear is actually a composition that includes a screw that connects to a spur gear-style of wheel. The benefit of using worm gears in a wide variety of industrial applications is that rotation speeds can be set and tuned easily. What’s more, worm gear designs are preferable in high-torque transmission.

Different types of worm gears exist, including single-throated, double-throated, and non-throated, so when you order these industrial machinery parts, make sure you understand the differences and purchase the right ones.

Mechanical Power Transmission

Worm gear designs lend themselves well to the transmission of power to create movement. Used in conjunction with other parts, such as pulleys, belts, gearboxes, and shaft couplings, worm gears can facilitate the transmission of power to move large machinery or any subsystems that involve moving parts.

Noise Reduction

We don’t have to tell you that industrial machinery can be extremely noisy, regardless of the setting. Whether in manufacturing facilities or in public spaces, it’s always a good idea to bring down these noise levels for an improved experience for anyone who has to be near this machinery, for any reason. In elevators, airports, warehouses, and other places, designing machinery using worm gears instead of other types of gears leads to quieter operation and lower noise levels.

Space Savings

If you’re short on space, or you simply want to maximize the space you have, worm gears are the way to go. Their clever, compact design leads to conveyor and packaging systems that use fewer gear sets and take up far less space than conventional solutions might take up.

Elevators And Lifts

In applications where quick-braking action is essential, such as elevators, hoists, and lifts, worm gears are the right choice. They facilitate quick-stopping action thanks to their excellent stopping and holding capabilities. Depending on your application and design, you may (or may not) need a secondary brake. The technical team here at REMPCO can help you assess what you need for your specific design.

Shock Loading

If your equipment is used in applications that involve sudden shocks, you’ll be happy to know that worm gear motors can easily absorb the quick release of energy created by a shock. Heavy-duty machinery, such as rock crushers and other types of crushing machines, can definitely benefit from a solid worm gear design.

Conveyor Belts And Gates

If you have conveyor belts that are supposed to move in one direction only, you need to install a system with gates to ensure the belt will not unintentionally move in the other direction. Worm gears and drives can be installed to make sure conveyor belts work the way they’re supposed to. Worm gears are useful in just about any type of automated security gate application as well.

As you can see, worm gears are extremely useful in industrial machinery designs, as they’re able to bring tremendous benefits in numerous applications. Whether you’re looking to reduce the noise level of your machinery, you need to conserve space, you need to achieve extra precision in the motion of your mechanical systems, or you need to design something with fast-stopping capabilities, the use of worm gears will assist you in achieving your engineering goals.

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