REMPCO acme products are used in machine drive systems where high accuracy and high load capacity are required. Acme screws and nuts are produced with large thread profiles, making them ideal for many power transmission applications.

Our general purpose acme products range from the basic 2G class to the high precision 5G class. REMPCO’s exclusive “Mod 4G” class is the standard for our general purpose acme product line. Mod 4G screws and nuts are 25% more precise than typical 4G products, often eliminating the need for more costly 5G solutions.

REMPCO centralizing acme products are available with limited diametrical clearance to maintain axial alignment under side-loading.

Our stub acme products are an excellent choice for applications where a course pitch and shallow thread depth is required. Stub acme screws have higher static load capacity than similarly sized acme screws due to larger stress and shear areas but have lower dynamic load capacity owing to a relatively smaller thread flank area.

For fast traversing speeds, consider REMPCO multi-start acme products. All multi-start screws and nuts have extended leads to convert small rotational movement into much larger linear spans. REMPCO is your source for all your hard-to-find industrial replacement parts!

Acme Thread Series

Stub Acme Thread Series