remanufactured components benefits REMPCO acquisition

Industrial machinery is the essence of manufacturing, which, in turn, is the essence of the economy. When the Industrial Revolution began, people realized how you could use machines to manufacture goods at high rates, which improved people’s lives dramatically. The Industrial Revolution is what has led to humans being able to have the amazing array of machines you see around today, from cars and dishwashers to refrigerators and construction machines, such as bulldozers and cranes.

REMPCO Acquisition makes the best remanufactured and replacement parts for industrial machinery. From threaded products to gears and spline shafts, we can make a whole host of components to keep your industrial machinery going. Below, we’ll go over some of the benefits of investing in remanufactured components and parts. Contact us today to get started!


Good for the Environment

Manufacturing is making new parts and goods out of various raw materials using tools, machines, and good ol’ fashioned labor. Remanufacturing is taking these parts that have been used and perhaps damaged or obsolete and making them new again. Depending on the size of the industrial product, remanufacturing may involve taking apart the old part, cleaning it, repairing it, and then reassembling it.

Thus, when a machinery manufacturer invests in remanufacturing, they are helping the environment by reusing parts that normally would have just ended up in the landfill. Fewer raw materials are used, and it takes less manpower to refurbish something that is already made.

Good for The Business

To make a profit, businesses have to bring in income while controlling costs. Thus, businesses who choose to reinvest in remanufacturing damaged or obsolete components end up saving their company money in the long run. For example, if your piece of industrial machinery needs a new wheel, you’d replace the wheel over the whole machine. The same holds true for little parts. When you have an older piece of machinery, and your component parts are no longer made, would you have a custom remanufacturing company remake your component part or would you just buy a whole new machine?

Machinery manufacturers can save a lot of money by partnering with a custom remanufacturer for damaged or obsolete component parts, such as REMPCO Acquisition rather than throwing in the towel and starting over.

Good for Customers

Being a machinery manufacturer is not exactly easy. You are running huge pieces of equipment maybe 24 hours a day that are churning out goods for consumers. When everything is running smoothly and packages are being shipped, your company is making money. However, when a piece of industrial equipment goes down, the whole manufacturing process can go down, resulting in lost revenue with every hour.

Thus, when this happens, you want the industrial machine fixed as quickly as possible. You can either order an entire new machine, or you can figure out the problem and contract with a custom remanufacturing company to make the broken component part to replace. As we discussed above, the cheaper alternative is to just have the part remanufacturerd, rather than throw out the machine. This not only saves you money, but it saves the customer money as well because you do not have to pass on the cost of replacing such a huge piece of industrial machinery to the consumer.

Plus, it’s quicker to replace parts than to order a whole new industrial machine. This helps your customers by getting them the goods and parts they need for their businesses. And this ripple effect continues. The quicker you are up and running, the more money you save and the more money your customers save as well.


As a machinery manufacturer, you can be at a loss as to what to do when a key piece of industrial equipment goes down. It’s frustrating and stressful. However, once you figure out you only need a few industrial machinery spare parts, you can breathe easier. Even if you are using older industrial machinery, the parts can still be remanufactured.

REMPCO Acquisition offers the best in remanufactured damaged and obsolete components. We serve a wide range of industries, and our expertise allows us to recreate your industrial parts quickly and easily. Contact us today to get started!