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Whether you run a business using older, even antique-style equipment or you’re working on a side passion project that requires outdated industrial parts, you know that it can be a challenge to locate just the right spare parts that you need.

Where do you even start? If you’re like most people, you may go straight to a search engine. That’s not a bad place to start. However, the more obscure your part, the harder it may be to locate just the right item made from the material you need, with the specifications you want.

At REMPCO Acquisition, Inc., we specialize in replacement parts for industrial machinery. Our team frequently supplies industrial spare parts, including threaded products, lead screws, and internal gears, to companies and individuals across the nation. In today’s blog, we’d like to offer some pointers to anyone who’s looking for industrial spare parts that are obsolete and hard to find.

Check Local Junkyards And Spare Parts Shops

Your regional junkyard may have some of the industrial spare parts you need, so you may want to check with them first. An afternoon trip to the junkyard may turn up specialty pieces that match just what you’re looking for. Granted, it may be a shot in the dark, but you could get lucky!

Another option is to check with some of the more unusual specialty shops in your town. For example, there are stores that specialize in old lock-and-key assemblies. These places may also sell other vintage hardware that’s now obsolete but that you can use as spare and replacement parts for your unique applications.

Peruse The Antique Shops In Your Area

These places can be amazing! You never know what’s buried in someone’s garage; when that individual is ready to get rid of the age-old treasures in their possession, these items can end up in local antique shops.

Take some time to browse through the antique stores in your area. Some will likely turn up absolutely nothing of value; others, however, may surprise you with the machinery and collection of old parts that they happen to have. You never know what treasures you’ll uncover until you start to explore!

Search For Industrial Spare Parts Online

As we mentioned earlier in our post, you can certainly search for industrial parts online. One of the challenges you may run into, however, is figuring out what the parts that you need are called. How can you search for them when you don’t have a name?

Yes, there are ways to begin your search, such as doing an image search on a term like “antique industrial spare parts” to see what turns up. Then you can click on a promising image and come up with possible names for your obscure parts. This can take a while, but it can work for you.

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Turn To Parts Customization

If you’ve exhausted these other options, or you simply don’t want to waste your time, you can turn to a company like ours that specializes in customizing industrial spare parts.

In fact, we have reverse-engineered many different components for our customers. Whether it’s a lead screw of an unusual length or diameter, a type of helical gear that nobody makes anymore, or a threaded screw or nut that you can’t find anywhere else, REMPCO will custom-design and manufacture it for you, made to your specifications.

Perhaps this is the best and easiest option, especially if you’re in a hurry for those replacement parts. If you do have the time to search for industrial spare parts and grow your collection over time, go for it! But if you need parts yesterday, having a company like REMPCO customize solutions for you is probably the most efficient, cost-effective approach.

Contact REMPCO For Assistance

What part are you looking for? We’re here to help! Contact REMPCO and we’ll get your search started, or we’ll let you know how we can customize a solution for you. We’ve been helping clients since 1978, and over the years we’ve learned to streamline our processes so that you can get your quality parts made or refurbished and shipped quickly. We don’t skimp on quality, but we do move the process along efficiently.

Our selection of industrial replacement parts is extensive, and if we don’t carry it, we’ll find it for you quickly or build you the right component made to your exact specifications. Give us a call today!