When it comes to industrial machinery, precision in every detail is essential in order for the work being done to remain safe and efficient. There are a variety of industrial machines used in various industries that require lead screws to translate turning motion into linear motion. Lead screws are typically a small part of the overall machine, but they play an integral role in the function of the machine. From the biomedical industry to engraving, prototyping, heavy product or part lifting, robotics, and even data storage, lead screws are responsible for creating smooth, precise, quiet, and maintenance-free operation.

Other industrial machinery parts, such as helical gears, worm gears, Acme screws, square thread screws, and buttress thread screws, all play a part in the function and efficiency of a machine. However, over the course of a machine’s life, these parts will wear down and can begin to cause operation and performance issues.

At REMPCO, we specialize in manufacturing industrial machinery replacement parts, including lead screws. Whether you need a part replaced or you can’t find a specific part for your machine, we can manufacture or reproduce an array of components to exact specifications. The REMPCO team fully understands the importance of having the highest quality spare parts for your manufacturing equipment: because precision in every part is crucial. We strive to provide customers like you with parts that don’t simply meet your needs, but exceed expectations and industry standards.

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There are various issues that can occur when lead screws and other threaded parts do not meet industry standards, such as additional noise and vibration, bending of the screw, greater backlash, and reduced accuracy. When these issues are bad enough, they can begin to affect the quality of the work, which in some cases may be significant.

  • Vibration: Vibration can be caused when certain components are imbalanced, misaligned, worn down, or loose. When vibration is a symptom of a problem rather than due to normal operation, it can speed up the wear of the machine, use excess power, and when bad enough, can cause safety issues.
  • Noise: Lead screw and nut systems generally operate without much noise, but excess noise can occur due to the material used to manufacture the screw or nut, the alignment of the system, or the orientation of the system. Although noise from lead screw systems isn’t a significant issue for small scale operations, noise pollution in some industrial machinery applications can be dangerous.
  • Bending: Under certain loading conditions, lead screws could bend and lead to quality issues. To combat this, lead screws need to be manufactured with the greatest strength. Intermediate supports can also be used during operation to prevent bending.
  • Backlash: The small space between the lead screw and the nut, backlash can cause movement of the components and inaccuracy, which is especially problematic in certain industrial machinery applications where precision is crucial.
  • Reduced Accuracy: When there are issues with the thread of the screw or a failure to meet industry standards, shortcomings with the lead and pitch, or problems with the backlash of the screw, these can all reduce accuracy, resulting in severe quality issues.

In many industrial machining applications, accuracy is a necessary part of the operation that ensures reliable, high-quality finished work. To reduce the issues that lead to inaccuracy, one of the most important factors is utilizing lead screws that meet and even exceed industry standards. REMPCO has been manufacturing and reproducing industrial machinery parts since 1978. Over our 40 years, we have been committed to providing customers with components made to their exact specifications with minimal to zero defects and no margin of error.

Why Work With REMPCO?

Precision Components

We understand that error tolerances must be controlled to a fraction of industry standards. We offer a variety of thread grinding processes, including thread milling and thread grinding, each method produces the highest quality, highest precision lead screw. We can exceed industry standards and provide customers with a superior product, and that is exactly what we’re doing.


REMPCO uses certified grades of carbon, alloy, and stainless steel to manufacture our lead screws and to ensure maximum performance and a long life span. Lead screws can also be coated with wear-resistant and low-friction materials to improve performance.

REMPCO utilizes a two-stage coupling process to manufacture extra long lead screws. This allows us to produce lead screws of any length with a seamless joint and a high strength. This also prevents bending.


Not only can we help you find any piece you need with our extensive parts database including threaded products, gears, and specialty parts, but we also offer a 26,000-square-foot facility where we can reverse-engineer sample parts and manufacture what you need to the latest industry standards. We offer our customers confidence that they can get exactly what they need with REMPCO.

Custom Lead Screws

Whether you’re looking for a levelwind screw and pawl mechanism or a simple Acme screw, REMPCO offers fully customized industrial machinery parts. We can refurbish worn down parts and re-manufacture damaged and obsolete components. Parts that are no longer made isn’t a problem for the technical team at REMPCO. Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you determine what part you need. You can even send us a drawing and we’ll provide you with a quick and efficient solution.

REMPCO is your one-stop shop for all of your lead screw and industrial machinery needs. Our customers shouldn’t settle for anything less than what we are capable of providing. With lead screws and other components that exceed industry standards, you can be confident that you are getting the best.

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