Do you own or run industrial machinery? We want to help you by providing an overview of the small parts you’ll need to find from time to time to replace the pieces in your equipment that wear out. If you have older equipment, you may need customized solutions. Read on to see what’s available in today’s replacement parts market.

Threaded Products

When it comes to threaded replacement parts, a wide assortment is available, so you will need to know what product type, size, and style you’ll need when it’s time to repair your industrial equipment. Threaded spare parts include the following:

  • Precision Lead Screws: At REMPCO, we manufacture these utilizing thread milling and grinding processes for increased accuracy and precision, as well as improved thread roundness. We want to point out that our lead screws require very little in the way of maintenance. They provide a large load-carrying capacity, and low-friction, wear-resistant coatings are available. These precision screws can be fabricated to your preferred length to meet your industrial needs. Available threads include acme, trapezoidal, square, V, and buttress.
  • Lead Bars: Suitable for a wide range of applications, lead bars provide a high helix angle that’s ideal for high-speed linear transport systems and a number of control applications. You’ll find these parts in both single and multiple start threads. Leads come in both uniform and variable styles.
  • Feed & Conveyor Shafts: These heavy-duty metal shafts will keep your conveyor and feed belts moving smoothly. Our threaded products come in stainless steel, high-impact plastics, and other corrosion-resistant materials for improved performance and longer operating durations.
  • Levelwind Screws & Pawns: These parts are suitable for spooling operations. Our mechanical levelwinds can be adjusted to suit your industrial machinery requirements, adaptable to different cable sizes and spaces. These parts are especially useful in oilfield equipment, ships, and offshore platforms.
  • Threaded Nuts: These versatile replacement parts come in a huge range of sizes and mounting options. They include flange, gear drive, and self-adjustable, to name a few. We manufacture threaded nuts in polymer and metal alloy materials for extra strength and durability.
  • Lead Screw Refurbishing: You may be pleased to discover that REMPCO offers this service for existing parts. We offer emergency repair services and customized solutions; contact us for details.


Gears make the world go round … literally! At least they do in your industrial machinery. The right gear makes all the difference in terms of smooth operations and top performance of your equipment. Here’s a list of the external and internal gears that REMPCO offers as machinery replacement parts.

  • Spur & Rack: Designed to transfer power or motion between shafts that are parallel to each other, these types of gears come in many versions, including rack, pinion, and internal. REMPCO’s gears ensure smooth operation and high efficiency; we can manufacture whatever type of spur and rack gear that you need, including spoked and webbed.
  • Helical: While very similar to spur gears, helicals provide a number of advantages, including quieter operation and greater strength. Both right- and left-handed versions are available.
  • Bevel & Miter: Produced from blanks following standards that are recognized internationally, bevel and miter gears are versatile parts cut from bronze, iron, alloy steel, or polymer materials. These gears are used primarily for transmitting motion.
  • Worm: These gear sets are highly efficient and very cost effective. When you’re looking for the right solution for low- and medium-power applications that involve power transmission, worm gear sets are the way to go. Left- and right-hand sets are available; choose duplex worm gearing for more demanding applications.

Custom Products

Of course, there will be occasions when the customized option is the right one. In these instances, turn to REMPCO’s experienced team of designers. Our company specializes in re-manufacturing parts that are either damaged or obsolete, and we will work with your company to create the custom components you need to keep your industrial machinery running smoothly and your business operations going strong!

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When You Need Help Finding Parts

It can be very confusing to determine exactly what part you need. Upon first look, different gear types or threaded screws, for example, may all look the same. We can help you differentiate between parts and determine which one you need as a replacement. We will be happy to go over your equipment with you and help you figure out what replacement parts are available and which ones will suit your needs the best.

Turn To REMPCO For Quality Parts

Whether for an off-the-shelf part or a customized one, turn to REMPCO for quality replacement parts and exceptional customer service. We’re here for you! Our goal is to get you that hard-to-find part you need to get your machinery running again with little or no downtime. For expert help with precision replacement parts, contact REMPCO, a leading supplier of parts for industrial machinery. Reach out to us today!